Design & Innovation

At RMS we believe in the value of a good first impression. Our in-house design team understands the Grafix customer and uses innovative illustrations and photography to create exciting and engaging packaging and optimal shelf impact.

The design department – called Studio - houses an operational photographic suite, modern computer technologies and an integrated mock-up facility. We use these facilities to serve our clients best, by providing digital artwork for products. In this way they are been given the opportunity to test the product’s visual impact first hand. We can also prepare a range of concepts in a variety of colours and styles, providing a number of different possibilities for clientele consideration.

The product development team and Studio work hand in hand to continually monitor the market, looking for changing trends and retail opportunities. Together they develop new and bespoke products for company and license brands and OEM for retailers.

Besides our own designs and packaging, we also create many items for our clients under their private label with their own designs. RMS Europe has a specialized purchasing team who are very market responsive. They work with established supply chains, ensuring fantastic product ranges are available at great prices.