rms toys

RMS Europe BV has a large showroom, an extensive office and field sales unit and our own logistics and distribution centre so we can offer our customers extremely efficient service. This world-wide, intensive collaboration has even more advantages: we always know what the market is doing and can keep our eye on the corresponding target groups, which means that we can respond immediately to market trends and keep RMS Europe BV in the lead as regards innovation.



Because we put large volumes on the market, we can offer unparalleled value for money. That’s why even the major discount retailers are among our long-term customers. Through our office in Shanghai, we can offer the option of ordering our products directly FOB. Our branches complement each other to create a commercially balanced unity, which, in turn, means that our organisation is a logical, well-organised network that has inspired trust in our customers for years.


“Inspire Your Mind” – that’s one of RMS Europe BV’ principles for design and product development. Our extensive brand Grafix is characterised mainly by the way it inspires creativeness in children in many areas. At our European branch in the Netherlands (Hedel), our designers spend every day working on developing new products. Of course, they always follow the preferences and regulations (Quality Compliance) of every country to which we deliver.
In addition to our own product development, we support our customers with advice on, and the design and/or the execution of, their own concepts too (including private-label products). That is to say, we have a range of options for full-service solutions. And world-wide connections!


Obviously, quality and safety are of the utmost importance in our line of work, so we pay close attention to them. Our tests are conducted by independent, internationally certified laboratories to guarantee that our products meet the statutory guidelines for each country. Our Dutch in-house team for quality control oversees this process.